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Quick Tips for

How to Get Back to the Homepage

Click on the memolink logo in the top left to return to the homepage.

How to Find Your Stores Quickly

Go to the "Select Store" drop down in the top right of the navigation bar. If you click on it and start typing, it will jump to the store you are typing.

Use the Compare Feature to Find Specific Products

If you're looking for something specific, put the term in quotes to eliminate irrelevant results. If you're looking for something general, like leather boots, just type it in the compare field without quote .

How do I identify daily surveys in my Survey List?

The daily surveys are bolded. This means you can try to qualify for them every day.

How do the Daily Surveys Work?

The Daily Surveys ask you multiple questions to see if you qualify for their surveys. If you don't qualify for the first survey they have, they ask you more questions to see if you qualify for the next survey they have. The Daily Surveys continue to ask you questions until they find a survey you qualify for. In most cases after about 4-5 minutes, if you still haven't qualified for a survey, it will ask you if you'd like to stop trying to qualify.

Organize Your My Stores

After you add stores to your My Stores, you can rank your stores by clicking the "edit my stores" link above your My Stores list on the homepage. Then you will see your list of My Stores.
Your top 6 My Stores will be shown on your homepage. On your My Stores page, you can change the order by clicking on "edit my stores" in the upper right of the page, and then drag and drop the stores in the order you choose.

Refer More Friends

Go to your referral page. On the right side, it says "invite from your contacts" and lists Gmail, Yahoo, and other email providers. If you click on the your email provider, it will allow you to select from your email contacts who you'd like to invite without having to individually type in all of your friends email addresses.
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