Learn How to Earn Points With Search & Win

How Does Search & Win Work?

Memolink's Search & Win allows members to win points for searching the web for information you would normally use a search engine like Google or Yahoo for. Members don't win every time, but should keep using Search & Win to find information on the web. In general, members will win often when they search.

Memolink's Search & Win will take members off Memolink.com. If a member shops through the Search and Win results, a member will NOT receive Memolink points for their purchase. Please use Memolink's Store Search box located in the top right of the website, or click on a logo or link on Memolink.com to receive points for shopping.

Search & Win FAQs

Do I win every time I search?

You will win sometimes, but not every time, you use Memolink's Search and Win to search the web. Fake searches wlll not generate a win, so we advise you to only search for things you actually would search for on the web. Legitimate searches will not always create a win either but will increase your chances of winning. You can win multiple times per day, so we encourage members to earn free points by using Memolink's Search & Win.

Why didn't I get credit for my purchase that I made after clicking on a search result from Memolink's Search & Win?

Memolink's Search and Win will take the user off Memolink.com, so we are unable to track purchases made from clicking on a search result. If a member shops through the Search & Win results, a member will NOT receive memolink points for their purchase. Please use Memolink's Store Search box to receive points for shopping. Feel free to click on search results that come up that are not specific to stores on Memolink.com.

What Search Engine does Memolink use to give points for searching?

Memolink's Search & Win is powered by Yahoo.com's search results, so you can be confident that your search results are relevant and helpful.

There was a coupon I found from clicking on a result from Search & Win. Can I use it on Memolink.com?

No. Memolink's Search & Win will take members off Memolink.com, and members will only get credit for purchases made using coupons on Memolink.com. A coupon listed in Memolink's Search & Win is not considered being "on Memolink.com" and therefore, you will not receive points for your purchase. You can find a list of coupons for each merchant by using the Store Search box in the upper right corner on Memolink.com or visiting your My Stores list.

If I win points for searching on Memolink's Search & Win, can I still earn search points through Memolink's Toolbar?

Yes. You can earn up to 50 points when you search using Memolink's Toolbar AND you can still win points for searching using Memolink's Search & Win. The points you win using the toolbar do not affect your chances to win using Memolink's Search & Win.

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