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Listen to music like never before with Rhapsody. Meet your new music collection complete with millions of songs, entire albums and artist hits spanning the decades. This is more than just internet radio. This is the power to play exactly the songs you want, wherever you are through streaming and downloads. You will earn 6,400 points for signing up for a Rhapsody Membership. Your points will be awarded within 10-15 days of a valid submission.

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Points will reversed for invalid submissions. An invalid submission is defined as the submission of false personal information and/or an invalid or stolen credit card number or multiple subscriptions coming from the same IP address/block within a short period of time. This offer can only be completed once on Memolink or any other site running the same offer. Memolink can only award points once the advertiser has verified this offer has not been completed by the user in the past, and is a valid completion.
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